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Brněnské komunikace a.s. 60733098VAT nr.: CZ60733098
Renneská třída 1a
657 68
Mail address
Renneská třída 1a
657 68
CZECH Stability Award AAA certificate holder

CZECH Stability Award AAA certificate holder

Contact data

+420 543 321 225

+420 543 210 119

+420 543 213 068


+420 543 214 098

+420 543 213 050

Languague of correspondence: czech

Business premise, Brno - Brno-Město, 60200, Panenská 712/1

Business premise, Brno, 60200, Masná 180/7

Business premise, Brno, 63900, Renneská třída 787/1a

Business premise, Brno - Brno-Město, 60200, Veselá 199/5

GPS coordinates:
Lat 49.18295
Lon 16.601765
Activity description and Branche codes merging

Design activities, realization of engineering and traffic constructions, marking of roads; engineering activities, administration and maintenance of roads



Branche codes NACE:
4211 Construction of roads and motorways
7490 Consulting in the field of occupational safety and health protection
4778 Other retail trade of new goods in specialized stores
4520 Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
7400 Other professional, scientific and technical activities
7430 Translation and interpretation activities
4730 Retail sale of automotive fuel in specialised stores
6831 Real estate agencies
7020 Consulting in the field of management
7120 Technical testing and analysis
4310 Site demolition and preparation
4399 Other specialised construction activities n.e.c.
4610 Mediating wholesale and wholesale on one's behalf
4941 Freight transport by road
5221 Service activities incidental to land transportation
6832 Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis
9520 Repairs of products for personal use and for households in particular
2899 Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.
2610 Manufacture of electronic components and boards
3310 Metal products and machinery repairs
4120 Residential and non-residential building development
7112 Geologic surveying
4690 Non-specialised wholesale trade


Branche codes CPV 2007:
45200000-9 Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
45221000-2 Construction work for bridges and tunnels, shafts and subways
71200000-0 Architectural and related services


Products, services and brand names
Products on the portal dodavatel
Legal and ownership relationships
Legal form:
Joint stock company
Ownership type:
Non-financial corporations public
Formation date:


Owners and statutory boards
Name / companyPositionContactInterest (%)
Ing. Kratochvíl Petr Chairman of the board of directorsBrno - Komín Česká republika
Mgr. Mihola Jiří Chairman of the supervisory boardBrno Česká republika
Statutární město Brno Equity participationBrno-město Česká republika
PaedDr. Vašíček Ivo Member of the board of directorsČejkovice Česká republika
Ides Jiří Member of the board of directorsBrno Česká republika
Ing. Borový Luděk Member of the board of directorsLibčice nad Vltavou Česká republika
Ing. Fencl Ivan Member of the supervisory boardBrno Česká republika
Ing. Lukáš Marek Member of the supervisory boardSokolnice Česká republika
Ing. Smejkal Martin Member of the supervisory boardPopůvky Česká republika
Mgr. Sázavský Pavel Member of the supervisory boardBrno Česká republika
Zhoř Tomáš Member of the supervisory boardBrno Česká republika
Mgr. Leder Filip Vice-chairman of the board of directorsBrno Česká republika
Ing. Mgr. Mises Pavel Vice-chairman of the supervisory boardBrno Česká republika


CompanyInterest typeInterest (%)AddressTelecomunication data
CD CENTRUM COMS, a.s.Majetkový podíl34,5Renneská třída 787/1a, 63900 Brno

Phone: 724900659

NamePositionBrancheE-mailTelecomunication data
Ing. Balát PetrDirectortrade, market., fin.
Ing.CSc. Žurek ArneGeneral Directortrade, market.
Ing. Nekula RomanDirectoradminitstration
Ing. Luňáček JosefDirectortechn.
Ing. Chasák LeošDirector
Economic data
Československá obchodní banka, a.s., Brno, 382286023/0300
Business year:
439 587 800


Economic data:
Turnover(CZK)653 101 000683 276 000624 742 000695 112 000815 289 000729 741 000750 598 000800 439 000892 885 000850 294 000
Profit(CZK)15 962 00044 748 00038 441 00032 140 00061 546 00040 101 00030 091 00017 434 00027 749 00032 299 000



Structure of czech companies according to employees count
International activities
Total 5%
Other company presentations (references, press releases, certificates)
Member of
Český svaz vědeckotechnických společností
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Bisnode Ceska republika, a.s.
A Siemensova 2717/4
155 00 Praha 5

T +420 274 000 800
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