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Agroslužby Trnovany, a.s. 49901583VAT nr.: for registered users only
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416 748 133

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GPS coordinates:
Lat 50.541746
Lon 14.178305
Activity description and Branche codes merging

Agricultural services in vegetable production (grass line, processing plant of cereals and seeds); production and sale of fodder mixtures, sale and purchase ofagricultural products



Branche codes NACE:
0164 Seed processing for reproduction purposes
6300 Information activities
5610 Meals in restaurants, in kiosks and in mobile facilities
3800 Waste accumulation, collection and disposal, waste treatment for further utilization
0160 Supporting agricultural activities and postharvest activities
1090 Industrial fodder manufacturing
4611 Agents involved in the sale of agricultural raw materials, live animals, textile raw materials and semi-finished goods
5629 Other food service activities
7020 Consulting in the field of management
7720 Rental and leasing of products for personal use and for household in particular
5210 Warehousing and storage
6831 Real estate agencies
4690 Non-specialised wholesale trade
4610 Mediating wholesale and wholesale on one's behalf
4778 Other retail trade of new goods in specialized stores
4941 Freight transport by road
2572 Manufacture of locks and hinges
2830 Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery


Branche codes CPV 2007:
03111000-2 Seeds
03320000-8 Cattle, livestock and small animals
15710000-8 Prepared animal feeds for farm and other animals
16100000-6 Agricultural and forestry machinery for soil preparation or cultivation
44520000-1 Locks, keys and hinges
55300000-3 Restaurant and food-serving services
55320000-9 Meal-serving services
55900000-9 Retail trade services
60180000-3 Hire of goods-transport vehicles with driver
63121100-4 Storage services
70200000-3 Renting or leasing services of own property
70300000-4 Real estate agency services on a fee or contract basis
72222300-0 Information technology services
77110000-4 Services incidental to agricultural production
79400000-8 Business and management consultancy and related services
90500000-2 Refuse and waste related services
98111000-4 Services furnished by business organisations


Products, services and brand names
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Legal and ownership relationships
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Joint stock company
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Owners and statutory boards
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Economic data
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Economic data:
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Other company presentations (references, press releases, certificates)

Internationally recognized certificate with a history since 1908 evaluates companies and institutions using a unique scoring.

Internationally recognized certificate with a history since 1908 evaluates companies and institutions using a unique scoring.

Exclusive award based on the most strictly evaluated criteria of the Bisnode AAA series showing the highest current scoring grade as well as above-average financial results in comparison with the industry.

Certificate based on Bisnode D&Bs unique data analysis. Getting a unique international DUNS number is also part of the award.

The certificate confirms reliability, credibility and minimum risk in cooperation with the certified company.

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