HBI Czech Republic, Ltd. is a part of Swedish Bisnode AB company respectively its Business & Market Information group. The owners of this company are the Swedish media concern Bonnier AB and RATOS AB Financial Group. Bisnode covers business information from 18 European countries with 6 400 000 monitored company profiles and 10 200 000 monitored managers of European companies as well as direct mail activities and financial information.
It deals with the collection of economy information about the major Czech companies on Business to Business characterisc and its processing into a uniform structure. Then those company profiles are published in the form of online databases and a special selection according to the client’s requirements.

HBI - brief history:


Publication of the first product - printed guidebook called Important companies of the Czech Republic (VPCR) 1994 with 3 000 company profiles. Telemarketing information verificating department was established.

VPCR guidebook 1995 with 5 000 company profiles. Verification is done by combination of Telemarketing and Direct Mailing. Telemarketing department starts to sale produts and advertisments published in the guidebook.   Establishment of Field sales department. Start of selling information on floppy disks.

VPCR guidebook 1996 with 7 500 company profiles. New Product called Who controls the Czech economy 1996 with 22 000 Czech managers. Development of Telemarketing and Field sales. The first CD-ROM in cooperation  with Albertina Data company . Information given on-line through Tanger (EOTEL) company.

Start of sales of commercial programs (combination of products and services HBI with providing information on foreign entities) through Field sales representatives. Marketing VPCR guidebook 1997 with 11 000 company profiles. CD-ROM updated 4 times a year.

New generation of CD-ROM and CD-Print with Optosof user's program. Development of HBI bussines programs. Majority of verification is done by combination of Telemarketing and Field sales representatives and minority by Direct Mailing activities. A printed guidebook  with 11000 company profiles. CD-Print updated every 6 months and CD-ROM every 4 months. Start of cooperation with Internet Securities.

Internet database called Major companies in Central Europe with 60 000 company profiles from Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic updated monthly at Further development of CD search criteria and enhacment of the content of items in company profiles in databases and products. Start of cooperation with Enterprise Plus journal. Printed product contains 15 707 company profile then latest update of CD and then more than 17 500 company profiles. Investment in new national Iternet applications called e-monitor.

National online database called  e-monitor with online data updating. It contains more than 21 320 company profiles.

Development of internet databases with online updating of company data, HBI Monitor, information about products and services, HBI Product, quality certificates, HBI Quality, HBI Market - publication of offers and demands, press releases, HBI Press. In December the company entered the Slovak market by the acquisition of rights for providing of European databank services in Slovakia.

Launch of the new internet module called HBI Euro which allows to registered users to work with company databases of European countries in Business to Business structure.

Enhancing of database called  Major CR companies to 28 737 company profiles in B2B/A structure and  enhancing of HBI Euro database to 706 000 company profiles.

Launching of an international database of companies – Proodle which provides information on more than 1,4 million companies from 16 European countries. Opening of classification of companies according to the CPV codes. Enhancing of database called  Major CR companies to 30 821company profiles in B2B/A.

Enhancing of database called  Major CR companies to 32 000 company profiles in B2B/A. Launching of a new design of HBI web sites.

The new system of offers and demands - HBI Market. The change in HBI ownership structure - the new owner is Bisnode Swedish company (Bonnier, Ratos).

Launching of a new Czech-Slovak B2B portal allowing the simultaneous search of HBI Czech Republic and Bisnode Slovakia Ltd. databases.


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