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MICROTURBINE REIFFENSTEIN FOR SMALL WATER POWER PLANTS 1. Using of microturbine Microturbine Reiffenstein is designed for electricity power production in small power plants. The universal design enables to use the unit:  electricity power production for own consumption  electricity power production for network delivery  electricity power production for isolated network (executive electrical network with lower installed output)  operation in systems with fresh water  electric heating of buildings and heating-up of water  drive of other machines by direct transmission of the torque 2. Basic technical parameters Turbine turbine runner dia. ....... D = 250 300 350 mm range of head ....... H = 5 - 13 5 - 15 6,9 - 15 m range of discharge ....... Q = 0,13 - 0,31 0,19 - 0,50 0,31 - 0,68 m3/s range of output ....... P = 4 - 37 12 - 55 16 - 75 kW nominal speed ....... n = 750/1000 750/1000 750/1000 rpm runaway speed ....... np = 1820/2220 1820/2220 1820/2220 rpm weight ....... m = 1500 1500 1500 kg Recommended suction head Hs for the operating area is mentioned above +3,5 m or less (for eg. +3 m). Any increase in the suction head must be consulted with the manufacturer. Generator range of generator output .......... P = 4 - 75 kW nominal speed .......... n = 750 or 1000 rpm runaway speed .......... nr = 1820 or 2220 rpm voltage sorts .......... U = 230V/400VY, 50Hz 400V/690VY, 50Hz 460V, 60Hz cooling .......... = by air weight .......... m = 75 - 700 kg The generator can be operated at an ambient temperature ranging from -20C to +40C. Unit operation parameters at head range 5 – 10 m were measured and confirmed on test stand of ČBE, a.s. hydraulic laboratory and are shown in enclosed diagram. The water energy is being transformed in the unit with an av. efficiency  = 90 %. 3. Turbine design description The unit representing a compatible ecological solution is a horizontal arrangement. It is supplied in assembled state. The unit is provided with common frame for the turbine and the generator. The turbine runner is overhang seated on the generator shaft. The turbine is equipped with welded steel spiral case of square profile and a regulating blade of welded construction. Stainless steel runner is of welded construction. The regulating blade is controlled by means of an electric servomotor. Emergency closing the regulating blade is ensured by means of weight on servomotor lever and electric shifted claw clutch. The platform of the unit is 2550 x 1300 mm and the unit height is 1150 mm. Weight of the unit without the generator is 1500 kg. The generator shaft is adapted for turbine runner overhang seating as well as for turbine guide bearing and shaft seal. The rotor is provided with speed sensor. 4. Standard design and microturbine equipment Turbine  welded steel spiral case type Reiffenstein fitted with foots (common frame under generator) for levelling and lugs for transport, pressure gauge, venting, drain, regulating blade and regulating lever connected to both the servomotor and the weight. Inlet profile of the spiral casing is 361 x 361 mm.  welded connecting piece for connecting the turbine with the generator  turbine runner of Francis turbine includes labyrinths and cone. Runner blades from stainless steel are welded to both the stainless shroud and to the stainless hub  welded guide bearing housing  rope gland of turbine shaft  guide bearing of self–lubricating material  valves for venting and drain  draft tube consisting of extension cone ,welded elbow and outlet cone  packing and connecting material  welded anchoring frame common for the turbine and the asynchronous generator Electrical equipment for controlling the regulating blade  lever type electric servomotor provided with flanges  electric shifted claw clutch switched on by springs and switched off by electromagnet  toothed transmission on regulating blade pin  lever with weight for emergency shut-down of the regulating blade  shock absorber for weight closure stop  blocking equipment of claw clutch off-position Asynchronous generator A three-phase asynchronous generator for speed 750 rpm and speed 1000 rpm, in foot/flange design IM 2009, untypical design with prolonged shaft. The shaft is adapted for connecting of turbine runner, bearing and seal. The generator delivery excludes electrical connecting cables. Generator equipment:  impulsion speed sensor  heat protection  heat sensor  cooling fan  rolling bearings with grease filling having min. lifetime 40 000 hours  terminal box with switch on delta or star connection  transport eye  rating plate List of functions:  unit control  automatic operation of power station  unit control in accordance with water level using PID governors  asynchronous generator control and connecting to the net  automatic unit shut-down at insufficient water inflow or at a failure  automatic unit start at starting conditions fulfilment  manual control of power station operation  switching to the net at synchronous speed  joint control (two or more units)  failures and warning signalling  remote control and signalling of operation quantities  remote unit start and shut-down  inlet valves control Measured quantities:  voltage (V)  current (A)  power factor (-)  output (kW)  operation time (hours)  produced energy (kWh)  regulating blade opening (%)  operating head (m)  temperatures (C)  unit speed (rpm)  time 5. The limits of the standard design delivery of the microturbine  connecting flange of inlet spiral casing with inlet profile 361 x 361 mm  terminal box of asynchronous generator  terminal box of electric motor for controlling of the regulating blade 6. High standard design and microturbine equipment (optional)  controlling of regulating blade: - by hydraulic (complete hydraulic unit, direct servomotor, pressure oil hose, oil filling) - by manually (controlling body, shaft with trapeze thread and wheel, nut, lever connected on regulating blade pin)  turbine control system including: - opening and closing of the regulating blade step by step - water level control - generator speed control - repeated start of the turbine - generator connecting and disconnecting from the network - measuring of main unit values (output, speed, blade opening, efficiency)  taper piece in front of spiral case from square profile 361 x 361 mm to diameter DN 400 mm for connecting valve  valve in front of turbine: - butterfly valve DN 400 (manually or with electric driven) - slide valve DN 400 (manually or with electric driven)  adaptation for connection the turbine and the generator by a belt drive  electric control and power part consisting of:- turbine switchboard - control system, SW - electrical protection - sensor of heat, position, water level - compensation of generator - electro-erection material and cables - documentation, installation, putting into operation  synchronous generator including excitation and the governor  brakes for unit still stand  project works of feasibility study and realization project  advise service how to install the unit on the site  unit erection on the site and putting into operation 7. Contact address for ordering ČKD Blansko Engineering, a.s. Commercial Department tel.: +420-506-402 716 Gellhornova 8 fax: +420-506-417 815, 417 813 678 01 Blansko e-mail: mve1@cbeng.cz Czech Republic www.ckdblanskoenr.cz

Datum zveřejnění: 29.08.2001

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