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ALEA SPORTSWEAR spol. s r.o. 25180070VAT nr.: CZ25180070
Pražská 263
397 01
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Pražská 263
397 01
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382 211 013

736 634 033

736 634 032

382 271 243

382 271 054

382 212 206


382 271 054

382 212 206



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GPS coordinates:
Lat 49.312957763671875
Lon 14.140151977539062
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Activity description and Branche codes merging
Other companies with similar type of activity:
Rekultivace Písek spol. s r.o. Písek
VACHOUT Technik, s.r.o. Drhovle
C.S. maziva s.r.o. České Budějovice
ZITAS, s.r.o. Český Krumlov
Chvalešovický lihovar a pálenice Dříteň


Branche codes NACE:
4641 Wholesale of textiles
1410 Manufacture of wearing apparel, except fur apparel
4610 Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
7400 Other professional, scientific and technical activities
4764 Retail sale of sporting equipment in specialised stores


Branche codes CPV 2007:
55900000-9 Retail trade services
18412000-0 Sportswear
18000000-9 Clothing, footwear, luggage articles and accessories
18100000-0 Occupational clothing, special workwear and accessories


Products, services and brand names
Brand names:




Products on the portal
Sweatshirts(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Hooded shirts(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
T-shirts(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Sport stockings, sport socks(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Ladies' athletic stockings(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Men's knee-length athletic stockings(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Bermuda shorts (manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Lingerie(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Casual shirts(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Men's underwear(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Men's shirts (manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Underwear, woven(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Sport luggage(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Anoraks(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Fitness clothing(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Leisure clothing(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Football clothing(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Golf clothing(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Cycling clothes(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Sail clothings(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Sport tricot ware(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Tennis dress(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Table tennis wear(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Goalkeepers' clothing(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Tracksuits, jogging suits(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Leisure dresses(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Sportswear (manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Jackets, promotional printed (manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Sewing services (manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Leisure trousers (manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Functional underwear and thermal underwear (manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Fleece jackets(manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler)
Legal and ownership relationships
Legal form:
Limited liability company
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Internationally recognized certificate with a history since 1908 evaluate the companies and institutions using a unique rating

The membership in this prestigious purely Czech registry enhances company image and provides better conditions for all types of credit services.

trusted certificate indicates a healthy company that has been on the market for more than three years and has assets, revenues and operating result in positive values?, which are increasing every year.

valuation based on a unique data analysis company Bisnode D&B. Part of the award is also getting a unique international DUNS number.

The certificate confirms reliability, credibility and minimum risk in cooperation with the certified company.

The certificate informs about reliability and minimal risk in making business from the rated company s performance of obligations point of view.

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